5/8 Gag Open Side

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The 5/8 Gag Open Side

This unit allows (2) 5/8 (16mm) rods to be joined, positioned, and secured in place anywhere in 360 degrees.

One 5/8 pass-thru receptacle is open so you can attach the 5/8 Gag at any point along a rod.

  • The 5/8 Gag works perfectly for adding reinforcement components to a rig.
  • A polymer thrust bearing ensures an easy secure tightening of the device.
  • The Rosette pattern pressed onto the gripping edges secures a strong bite.

(1x) 5/8 Pass Thru
(1x) 5/8 Pass Thru with open side

"The 5/8 Open Side gag can be added to a 5/8 rig anytime during construction due to it's open side. Use it in situations that call for a "mini-gobo head".  to re-enforce a rig, work in a confined space or with small equipment. The Open side also fits onto many Camera Support Rods for attaching items directly to the Camera Rods without any disassembly. It works well with the 5/8" gag Closed Side, 5/8" Rod Kit, and 5/8" Baby Pins.  It's a truly cool tool!"  CS