5/8 Rod Set - 150mm

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5/8 Rod Sets 150mm (6 inch) 

  • The 5/8 Rod Set consists of two 5/8 (16mm) diameter rods made from extruded, thick walled, high grade 6061 Aluminum. 
  • Each 5/8 Rod Kit is supplied with (1) 5/8 Rod Connector.
  • The rods have 3/8-16  threaded holes on each end. Increase the rods length by connecting additional rods with 9.Solutions 5/8 Rod Connectors.
  • Additionally, 9.Solutions 3/8 Rods can also be threaded into the ends of the 5/8 rods, making it easy to adapt from one rigging size standard to another.
  • Both the Rods and Connectors are adjusted with either a ¾ or a 13mm wrench.
150mm (6 inch)  Package Contents:

2: 150mm (6in) 5/8 Rods

1: 5/8 Rod Connector