Laptop Holder

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The 9.Solutions Laptop Holder is a durable and multi positionable platform to securely hold common sized Laptops and tablets.
It utilizes a rugged and secure tilting hinge for positioning the platform at any angle.
It has two 5/8” receptacles that enable it to be mounted on vertical or horizontal 5’8” pins.
The two mushroom shaped knobs on the platform that can be positioned to hold common sized laptop or tablet.
The tilting mount is positioned at the top of the holder’s platform to  place the center of gravity below the mounting point. This insures that the holder won’t accidentally rotate off to one side when it's mounted onto a horizontally positioned 5/8” pin.
The main components are all made from high grade anodized 6061 aluminum for  long lasting usage.


Part Number – 9VB5118

Weight: 1550 Grams
SWL: 8 Kg
Color: Grey
Platform size: 275x450mm
Laptop/Tablet size: 120-400mm wide
Mount: 2x 5/8” reciever sockets (vertical and horizontal)