Python Clamp with Steel 5/8 Pin (Black)

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Python Clamp with Steel 5/8 Pin (black finish)


The “Python Clamp with Steel Pin”  is a strong and versatile clamp and features TWO distinct  jaw sizes:

The Clamp’s Main Jaws Fit:
  • All sizes of Speed-rail and Pipe Grids
  • All sizes of Box Truss, 2" x 4" and 1" x 3" lumber 
  • Unique Jaw design fits firmly with round or square shapes

The Smaller Inner Jaws Fit:

  • 5/8” rod, C-Stand arms, anything with a 5/8" pin
  • 3/8” rod, flag pin, or sides of flags, 3/8” bolts, diffusion frames
  • 1" or ¾” plywood, the top or side of a set wall

    • The Jaw surface has tiny ridges that are cut into the Jaw during the extrusion process.
    • The outer Jaw surface has an extruded Natural Rubber pad to protect the object being clamped onto while. Since the clamping force pushes the natural rubber into these little grooves, the pad will not slip or detach from the clamp.  
    • The Jaws's padding is glued in with a special glue designed to adhere rubber to aluminum.
    • Inner Jaw area has no padding for a very aggressive bite.  
    Other Features:
    • The Handle is made from forged 6061 Aluminum.
    • The Threaded Rod is made from hardened 440 Stainless Steel and only has threads where needed.
    • The 5/8 Stainless Steel Pin is 4inches long and has a Knurled Surface to prevent rotation of attached items.
    • The 5/8 Baby Pin is tapped on the end with a 3/8 threaded hole.
    • There is an Igus polymer thrust bearing sandwiched between two stainless steel bushings for silky smooth tightening and loosening of the grip.
    • All of the aluminum surfaces have been media blasted and finished with Type II Black Anodizing.

      5/8 Baby Pin (16mm)
      3/8 Tapped and threaded hole at end of Baby Pin

      Weight: 1.26 Lbs
      Clamping Range: 0-50mm
      Safe Working Load: 35lbs.